Granted: Ubuntu does not make it difficult to eject removable media like CDs / DVDs or safely remove USB sticks. Once automatically hanged in the file system, the removable disk denounces in the form of an icon on the desktop. By right-clicking on it, the appropriate options „Eject“ and „Safely Remove Drive“ are easily accessible via the context menu.

However, icons on the desktop are not always easy to reach. Personally, I prefer a completely empty desktop for this reason. Much better would be the ability to eject removable media – in my opinion – in the panel housed. And that’s where Ejecter comes into play. Since version 0.4.0, Ejecter is a Indicator applet and blends perfectly with the visual appearance of the panel. As long as no removable disks are mounted, Ejecter becomes invisible. Otherwise, you can easily eject removable media from now on.


Although Ejecter is included in Ubuntu 10.10 „Maverick Meerkat“ already in the package sources, but in the outdated version 0.3.1. In the current version 0.4.3 Ejecter is already a native Indicator applet. Alone, therefore, I advise to install the latest version. And that’s not what it is, thanks to these PPAs difficult and done with two command line commands:

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sudo add-apt-repository ppa: fredp / ppa
sudo apt-get update & amp; sudo apt-get install ejecter
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After the installation you only have to log in again and Ejecter will start automatically.

If you want, you can now also disable the desktop icons for removable media to get a "clean", icon-free desktop. This too is pretty quick and can of course be undone at any time:

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  • gconf-editor (Alt + F2) to start.

  • navigate to the following configuration node: apps & gt; nautilus & gt; desktop
  • disable the "volumes_visible" option.

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