cirrus7 nimbus

cirrus7 nimbus v5

I have never had a higher quality manufactured PC than this one.

- Thomas H.

The cirrus7 nimbus is extremely energy-efficient thanks to an Intel® CPU with intelligent power-saving functions and an integrated UHD graphics unit.

completely silent due to fanless cooling

The housing is the heat sink. Several layers of solid aluminum with copper cores form several cooling fins and reliably dissipate the waste heat from the CPU to the environment. The cirrus7 nimbus v5 impresses not only by its exceptional and compact design, but can convince in particular by its cooling performance.

Powerful and Energy-saving

The cirrus7 nimbus is extremely modest in terms of power consumption thanks to an Intel® CPU with intelligent power-saving functions and an integrated UHD graphics unit. With the choice of three different mainboards, the cirrus 7 nimbus v5 can be configured for many different purposes from office to industry.

Innovative, modular passive cooling

3D view of the cooling technology from cirrus7 nimbus v5

CPU Heatspreader

Copper Cores

Aluminium Cooling Fins

The cirrus7 nimbus has a modular structure. The heart of the cooling system is a solid aluminum block with six copper cores, which sits directly on the CPU. The number of cooling fins is variable. With more cooling fins, depending on the application, a higher cooling capacity can be achieved. By default, we offer the cirrus7 nimbus in three variants. The Standard Cooling Edition, the Extended-Cooling Edition (with 5 additional cooling layers) and the Extreme Cooling Edition (with 9 additional cooling layers). While the Standard Cooling Edition provides sufficient cooling performance for most desktop use cases, the Extended Cooling Edition is designed for ambitious users with high workload and 24/7 operation. With the Extreme-Cooling Edition, the CPU can also be cooled under continuous full load.


Heat sink housing

Dimensions (LxWxH) 24,6x24,6x9cm / 24,6x24,6x10,6cm / 24,6x24,6x12,2cm (depending on configuration)
Weight 3.5kg - 6.5kg (depending on configuration)
Material Aluminum with copper cores
Cooling Layer Thicknesses 2mm - 6mm

Power Supply

Total system power consumption (idle) 8-14W (depending on configuration)
Power consumption overall system (full load) 60-120W (depending on configuration)
Total system power consumption (standby mode) ca. 1W
External power supply 90W-230W (configuration dependent)



CPU Intel core i3 / i5 / i7 / i9 (configuration dependent)
Chipset Intel H610 / B660 / H670 / Z690 / AMD B550

Main memory

Memory capacity 8-96 GB (depending on configuration)
Clock frequency 3200MHz / 4800 MHz
Number of DIMM slots 2 (Dual Channel)

SSDs / hard drives

2.5" SSDs / HDDs 2x (with 7mm height)
M.2 NVMe 2x (cooled via enclosure)

Optical drive


Connections Depends on the mainboard. More information in the configurator

Pcie additional card

Included in the box:

  1. cirrus7 nimbus v5 - passively cooled mini PC
  2. AC adapter (external power supply)
  3. When purchasing a Windows license: Original Windows DVD with license sticker
  4. When purchasing the WiFi option: 2x WLAN antennas for 2.4GHz / 5GHz
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All specifications may change due to version update. Please check with the configurator page for the exact specs available or contact us. if you need special configurations. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

Energy efficiency - Made in Germany certificate
cirrus7 nimbus - impressive design of high quality reddot winner 2014 certificate
German Design Award Special 2016 certificate
Intel® Technology Provider Gold Partner since 2012 to 2021 certificate