The cirrus7 AI-Box is a high-performance, low-energy machine vision and automation system preinstalled with Ubuntu Linux. Its NVIDIA® Jetson ™ TX2 GPU accelerates parallel CUDA cores makes it a powerful edge AI system suitable for a wide range of compute-intensive industrial embedded projects. Already available upon request . Soon directly in our shop.
The cirrus7 AI-Box is a high-performance, energy-saving embedded system that has been specially developed for machine vision and automation tasks. The AI ​​box is equipped with an NVIDIA® Jetson ™ TX2 module including powerful CUDA cores in combination with a low-power ARM CPU. This makes the cirrus7 AI box interesting for a wide range of industrial, robotics and automation tasks. Already available on request . Soon also in the shop.

Specs: cirrus7 AI-BOX TX2 (PDF)

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