The cirrus7 incus, known for its impressive cooling performance, is now also available with AMD 8000 G-CPUs, which promises an impressive performance increase. The AMD 8000 G-Series is based on the advanced Zen-4 microarchitecture and is manufactured in 4-nanometer technology, which allows for higher efficiency and improved performance compared to its predecessors. In particular, the integrated AMD Radeon graphics unit has experienced a significant performance increase and enables 1080p gaming without an additional graphics card. The AMD 8000 G-Series is also equipped with a dedicated AI engine. AMD Ryzen™ AI enables a variety of AI applications and features that can be used by developers and users.

This makes the cirrus7 incus X600 an ideal choice for users looking for a silent, energy-efficient yet powerful mini-PC. With the fast iGPU, users can handle graphics-intensive tasks without relying on a dedicated graphics card and all without annoying fan noise. The cirrus7 incus X600 is now available: configure cirrus7 incus

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