Small, fast, efficient – we know that from somewhere? Samsung has introduced the first consumer SSD with the new 3D flash memory. From now on, the memory cells stack up on the models with 128, 256, 512 and 1024 GB size – leading to more power with less consumption.In addition, the RAPID acceleration feature now allows part of the main memory (up to 4GB) to be used as a cache. Already with a GB triples the maximum reading speed, the write performance is doubled. In numbers this means: a DVD movie (4.2 GB) can be written in 12 seconds and read in 11 seconds. Not even 3 watts of power.What belongs together also comes together – so we now offer the Samsung 850 Pro in all cirrus7 mini-PCs , where it replaces its predecessor 840 Pro.
As part of this, we also lowered our SSD surcharges, especially for the EVO series.

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